Females, minorities, and BIPOC (mentioned here as F/M) are flocking to the field of UX. But why? Simply put, the UX field seldom mirrors the bro-based society of many other industries.

A white male looks rt. holding a pipe in his left hand. He wears a velvet red smoking jacket with black lapels and a dark tie
Barney Stinson’s character from the CBS show “How I Met Your Mother” epitomized bro culture. Acknowledgments and thanks to CBS for using Harris‘ likeness and character in this article.

It’s no coincidence that F/M people are pivoting from graphic and web design, or teaching to flex into UX design, Ui, and UX research careers. Here’s why I believe that is happening and how you can change YOUR industry to this #inclusive and #diversity-focused mindset.

Best is defined here as frequently referenced resources by industry professionals

Best-of resources, templates, and links needed to practice Ux research from basics to beyond. These five areas contain references for many of your Ux Research needs.

  1. UX Resources (web, book, podcast)
  2. Gathering & Testing Tools (ways collect research, including templates, and resource links)
  3. Mapping (Mapping tools and templates, including analytics tools)
  4. How-to (sharing research with others)
  5. Design tools (wireframe and UI industry favorite tools)


A cute fuzzy tan-colored baby hamster hanging casually from a piece of brown twine.
It can feel overwhelming to know where to start whether it’s your first Ux/Ui job or you are pivoting careers.

From a Ux perspective: Your future boss/team is the end user and YOU are the product.

This article gives three steps to become the BEST product available

Unlike the STAR method (used to write a good resume) or SMART goals (used to articulate accomplishments in an interview), you will do three steps, which I’ve developed for you by Ux-ing my own…

Monkey in a dress shirt and tie stares at the receiver of a red corded push button phone as if to say “why should I listen?”
You have six seconds to make that first impression. Let’s learn how to get that precious 7th second.

Employers take six-seconds to view your resume. Let’s make it past that first impression to land an interview.

Today we will cover “Above the fold”

  1. What is a fold.
  2. Using above the fold well.
  3. Real-life follow-along example.
  4. What to put below the fold.

This is part three of a three-part series on writing a winning resume. This…

In Africa, the natives use an indigenous method for catching monkeys.

A baby snow monkey recently born at Highland Wildlife Park. (Image: © Jon Paul-Orsi.)

Natives hollow out coconut shells by cutting a small hole at one end. The whole is small enough to barely allow in a monkey’s hand. Inside the hollowed shell they place a few peanuts. …

Kristina Rudolph

Infinite possibility mindset for design and business from an accessible perspective.

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